About us

We are very pleased to welcome You to the web page of our online storeARTNATALI.EU” – laboratory of the decor!


We offer cooperation to EVERYONE and the opportunity to earn money together with us.
Make use of theARTNATALI.EU” and open a new direction on sale of the usual goods and services.

We operate a stone shop and e-shop. We offer the sale of ceramics and glass, man-made paintings, candles, seasonal decorations and ornaments – easter and christmas.
We believe that thanks to the wide range they have something for everyone. Decorative items are also the suitable gift for christmas and birthday, and winnie the pooh for tourists. Choose from a clear menu of our e-shop, where we offer:
Gifts – we offer gifts for all – for men, for women, gifts for the joy, the gratitude, gifts for children of all ages.
Candles – decorative, dekupaž, vitraž.
For the kids – mugs, pendants, pictures, tetovačky.
Gifts for others – pictures, glasses, mugs, glass products and other small items.
Decoration – decorative stickers on the wall or on the window decoration to the apartment, the house, the garden, into the office for a birthday, for joy, out of love. Horoscopes, images of Prague.
Floral – birthday, funeral ( bouquets, wreaths, hearts) according to the wishes and requirements.
Accessories, garlands, complementary decoration, flower pots.
Products for the formation of the – cartons, labels, pictures, painting vitraž, coloring books.
Seasonal items – christmas, easter, all souls ‘ day, Valentine’s day, new year’s Eve, carnivals.