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MAGISTRAL (Hungary).   New collection Summer 2018 – watch the video

The Magistral brand was founded in 1992. Since then it has become the symbol of quality and elegance among women who seek excellence and style in their beachwear.  Each year our designers create a new collection, offering exclusive, feminine or hip pieces leaving it to the customer to choose the one in which she feels confident and irresistible.  We believe women would like to look stunning every moment of their lives and that is why we offer such a wide variety of accessories in our collection.


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Collection of 2018.   DO NOT miss the opportunity to buy!   Every month a new delivery of swimwear and accessories from  firm MAGISTRAL in Tenerife.
To look a new collection of summer 2018 you can by clicking on the link: DOWNLOAD CATALOG – SUMMER 2018 and after that download the catalog for yourself on your computer for your convenience.
When choosing your beach attire, please indicate the number  products in the catalog!


Magistral – one of the largest manufacturers of women’s bathing suits for wealthy self-respecting ladies. The stunning design, decorated with Swarovski crystals, incredible comfort, high-quality materials from Italian and Spanish manufacturers – for more than twenty years this firm has been spoiling us with beautiful, comfortable, practical and fashionable swimsuit collections. Thanks to the high quality and good “planting” of their products, the Magistral brand has become the most popular brand among Russian women. “Promotion” and brand recognition allows wealthy ladies to buy the main line in many cities of America, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Europe.

The bikini lineup is very diverse – every woman will pick up a model that suits her. The catalog is filled with swimsuits of incredible colors and shapes. Designers carefully follow the new fashion trends, reflecting current trends in their collections.

The highway annually represents two collections: a youth and a female line of swimsuits. The women’s line is characterized by a wide variety of models for different shapes, both standard and non-standard. Leafs pushap, bando, on the bone, correcting cups plus different meltings – high, classic, low. In this line you can pick up and buy swimsuits of large sizes. The youth line is distinguished by bright colors and originality of models, as well as these bikinis at an affordable price.

In addition to swimwear Magistral boasts a wide range of beach accessories: summer dresses and suits, tunics, ponchos, pareos – all this can complement the beach attire of the fashionista. Stylish, effective, perfectly correcting the figure, developed by professional designers of the model, adorning all women – the main characteristics of such well-known and beloved in the world swimwear from Magistral.

Stylish swimwear Magistral 2018 and beautiful beachwear of the new collection, as well as the collection of the Motorway 2015, 2016, 2017 can be bought from us in the store in Puerto de Santiago, Tenerife or buy on the site of our online store – delivery only in the Canary Islands by Spanish Post.



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